Feb 162012

From Bullfrog Films:  Early Life 2

  • 1.  In the Mayor’s Footsteps: Peru
  • 2. In the Mayor’s Footsteps: Brazil

I was asked to preview the 2 films.  Here is the endorsement I gladly wrote.  See them if you can.

“These powerful films focus on the all too often ignored fact that growing up in poverty, with the high levels of domestic and community violence that often accompany it, can profoundly impact early development. Inspirational Mayor Amilcare Huancahuari of Peru takes us on a heartfelt journey looking at how violence affects young children in his country. Then, he explores groundbreaking programs designed to counteract the harm caused by the violence in the lives of poor children in Brazil that he hopes to bring back to Peru. Anyone who sees these deeply moving films will be more highly motivated and better equipped to promote political, economic and social justice for children, in their own communities and around the world.”