Aug 022013

Reprinted from Increasingly we hear that academic work, including test prep, is reaching down into the lowest grades, even preschool. Here’s a post with teacher concerns on the issue, written by Geralyn Bywater McLaughlin, Nancy Carlsson-Paige, and Diane E. Levin. They run the nonprofit called Defending the Early Years, which seeks to rally educators [Click for more…]

Aug 172012
Defending the Early Years Project

The blog post below summarizes my newest project, DEFENDING THE EARLY YEARS. DEY grows out of my deep concern about some of the directions National and state policies are taking early childhood education. I see how they undermine many of the principles and practices that have been at the heart my decades-long work to promote [Click for more…]

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Jan 262012

Originally posted on Wheelock College’s Aspire Wire Jan 24, 2012 Bravo to California Governor Jerry Brown for his decision to reduce the number of standardized tests students take in school, and to develop a more child-centered, rather that test-centered, approach to evaluating education.  I could not be more heartened by this news and hope it is [Click for more…]

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Mar 242010
"Let's Move" on curbing junk food sales to children

The “Let’s Move” Campaign to battle childhood obesity targets 4 campaign pillars which are appropriate and laudable strategies.  But, Mrs. Obama, these 4 pillars will fail if you do not add an essential 5th pillar to your Campaign:  Curbing the power of corporations to market junk food to children I’m sure you know that marketing [Click for more…]

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Jan 282010
The bigger meaning of Senator Elect’s Comments about His “Available Daughters”

The election of Republican Scott Brown to the US Senate seat vacated by Ted Kennedy made last week a very bad one for Democrats, Obama and a new political agenda.  And appallingly as it turned out, when Brown made his acceptance speech, it also became a very bad week for girls and young women.  During [Click for more…]

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