Aug 172012
Defending the Early Years Project

The blog post below summarizes my newest project, DEFENDING THE EARLY YEARS. DEY grows out of my deep concern about some of the directions National and state policies are taking early childhood education. I see how they undermine many of the principles and practices that have been at the heart my decades-long work to promote [Click for more…]

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Jul 042011

Lisa Murphy voices several thoughtful and important concerns about the draft statement.  Lisa kindly shared her letter with me and gave permission for me to share it with readers of my blog.  I’m interested to hear your thoughts about what she has to say. FROM LISA MURPHY: To whom it may concern: Discussions around the [Click for more…]

Jul 012011
Join the SOS (Save Our Schools) Mobilization in DC-July 28-31

I’ll be there doing a session at the SOS Conference with Nancy Carlsson-Paige called: “How ‘Corporate Ed Reform’ is Harming Young Children.” PLEASE COME & HELP SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THE MOBILIZATION TOO.  Thanks. For more information, go to:  SOS DC Mobilization Information Diane

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Jun 152011

The Draft Position Statement on Technology and Children has generated a lot of very important discussion about the role of technology in the lives of children, families and schools and how as early childhood professionals should responsibly deal with it. Thanks to all of you who participated. I apologize for the silence on the blog [Click for more…]

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May 242011

Greetings All,YOUNG CHILDREN AND I NEED YOUR HELP.I am deeply concerned about the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Draft Position Statement on Technology and Young Children—Ages 3 to 8 and its recommendations for technology use in early childhood programs. You can see the current draft here.Meg Merrill, a social worker and producer of the film, “Play Again”, has written a powerful editorial about her concerns with the current draft. She has given me permission to share it with you. It will give you salient examples of why many of us are sooooooooo concerned about the current Draft.