Teaching & Consulting



Summer 2011

  • PDI 523—Media Madness (with Gail Dines; Grad & Undergrad)

Spring 2011

  • EDU 355—N. Ireland Service Learning Program [Travel & Course]
  • PSY 362—Meaning & Development of Play
  • RES 652—Action Research, Part 11—Summer 2012

Fall 2011

  • HDP 362—The Meaning and Development of Play. [Undergraduate]
  • HDF 526—The Meaning and Development of Play. [Graduate]

More information available at: www.wheelock.edu


Queens University, Center for Effective Education, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Visiting Scholar. February 2009: Designing a research project on how conflict resolution training and media literacy can contribute to the reconciliation process being carried out in nursery and primary schools.

PBS Parents Expert Blog. Guest Expert Blogger on the sexualization of young girls to accompany for Website, “PBS Parents Guide to Understanding and Raising Girls.” January 2009.

PBS Parents Website on Making Sense of Cents: “Talking to Your Kids about the Economy” Interviewed and quoted.

Prevention Institute (Oakland, CA) Expert Meeting and Consultation on Transforming Communities to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation funded by MS Foundation for Women. Winter 2009.

“Big and Small.” Children’s Television Program, Kindle Entertainment, London, England. Consultant on potential educational benefits of the program. Fall 2008.

Senior Advisor or Advisor for PBS Parents Websites:

Developer and Leader of Annual Wheelock College Student and Alumni Service Learning Program in Belfast, Northern Ireland. “How Early Childhood Programs in a Community Affected by Conflict Can Help Children Heal.” from March 2007.

Created booklet for SOFAR (Strategic Outreach to Families of All Reservists) Project for families and schools on helping children whose Reservist and National Guard parents have been called up for active duty in a war zone. [with Carol Daynard] 2005, revised 2007.

Expert Panelist for CUNY Early Education and Training Program New York statewide teleconference training: Contributor to development of program script and participated in program broadcast. Albany, New York.

  • “How Media Affects Gender and Sexual Development.” October 2007
  • “Too Sexy, Too Soon: The Sexualization of Childhood.” June 2006
  • “Violence Prevention: Creating a Safe Haven for Children in Your Program.” November 2003

Developed Peaceable Classroom Training for the State of Maine Department of Human Services, Office of Child Care and Head Start. Fall 2003.